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Join more than 1300 Venturers, Explorers, and Advisors for an event filled weekend with more than 100 activities, training, demonstrations, and competitions. This event, put on by the Greater St. Louis Area Council VOA is a unique event drawing participants from more than 20 BSA councils and more than a dozen state.

This year's activities will include some of your favorites such as Mud Cave, Mountain Man Village, Climbing Tower, Crate Staking, and the STEM Village. New this year will be some great activities including an expanded Fishing Display, a bigger and better shooting sports area, and many many more great activities being planned by our Venturing Officers' Association.

Don't miss the Fall Fun Rally!


Note: All Venturing age participants 14 year olds (or 13 and graduated 8th grade) are welcome to particpate. Sorry, no one under these ages are allowed to participate, nor attend the event in any way. Registered members from Crews, Ships, Troops, and Posts, as well as guests that meet the age requirements are welcome to attend. 


September 23-25, 2016

Beaumont Scout Reservation
St. Louis, MO

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by Dr. Radut